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Best Food Recommended for Your Teeth

Having healthy teeth doesn’t stop in regularly brushing and flossing. It also involves getting regular dental check-ups with your family dentist as well as keeping a healthy diet. Here are some of the best food you can feast on to […]

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Causes of Dental Plaque and Tartar

Here at Northwest Family Dental,we always tell our patients that dental plaque is the number one enemy of oral health. Unfortunately, plaque will always form and cannot be avoided. In fact, almost 70 percent of adults in the country have […]

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Dental Filling Tips: Things to Watch Out for After the Procedure

Dental filling is a common medical procedure that everyone, even those with the healthiest set of teeth, can encounter. In fact, it is one of our most popular dental services here at Northwest Family Dental. Unfortunately, despite its popularity we […]

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Tips on Dealing with Sensitive Teeth

Here at Northwest Family Dental, we have years of experience in various dental procedures, pediatric services, and cosmetic services for clients with medical conditions, including sensitive teeth. Having sensitive teeth is underrated. It requires above average oral health care as […]

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Bad Dental Habits that Need to Stop Right Away

One of the things we encourage here at Northwest Family Dental is healthy oral habits, and the first step to a healthier set of teeth and gums is to stop bad habits that unknowingly cause harm. Below are the most […]

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How Often Do You Need a Dental Check Up?

“How often do I need a dental check-up?” This is one of the most frequent questions clients ask us here at Northwest Family Dental, and with this article, we hope to shed some light. For many people, the rule of […]

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7 Common Causes of Teeth Stain or Discoloration

Here at Northwest Family Dental, we acknowledge the importance of having and maintaining a naturally shining smile. Having pearly white teeth reflects good oral hygiene and overall healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, no one is spared from getting yellow teeth thru staining […]

Tips in Finding a Family Dentist

Finding the right family dentist who will meet your needs and budget is not as easy as it sounds. The dentist your family will have will be entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of not only yours, but everyone […]

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Top 8 Causes of Tooth Decay

Here at Northwest Family Dental, we are strong advocates of families having strong teeth and great smiles. One of the biggest problems of oral hygiene is tooth decay. In fact, cavities are the second most common disease in the US, […]

Understanding Root Canal

Let’s face it: Many people think that root canal is both sheer painful and expensive. Speaking as a reputable family dentist here in the Lake Worth or Fort Worth, Texas area, there is no need to be scared or anxious […]