As an established family dentist in Lake Worth, Texas, we at Northwest Family Dental always tell parents that it is very important to always be on top of their children’s oral care. At their age kids tend to commit the worst things to do to their teeth, i.e. not brushing, developing a fear of the dentist, tripping on the floor. Below are some of the most common oral health problems we encounter that can be avoided or minimized through proper knowledge and guidance.

Tooth Decay

Sugar can spread and penetrate baby teeth faster, which means cavities can also spread faster and cause more pain. The problem is most kids love sweets, and it’s near impossible to prevent them from enjoying treats and desserts. Flouride toothpaste safe for kids as well as regular visits to the family dentist can prevent tooth decay from developing.

Gum Disease

Kids are highly prone to gingivitis, a very popular gum disease. The build-up of plaque and tartar near the gums can result to tooth loss and even permanent damage to your child’s mouth. If you are seeing signs of gingivitis, i.e. swollen and red gums, it is best to schedule a dental check-up as soon as possible.

Sensitive Teeth

It is a common misconception that only older people develop sensitive teeth. In reality though, baby teeth have 50% thinner enamel that that of adult’s teeth. This means that children can actually be more prone to having their gums recede and their nerve endings exposed, which results to sensitive teeth.

Don’t let your kids’ diet become limited because of sensitive teeth. Hot and cold food and drinks can cause severe pain or irritation. We strongly advise asking your dentist for help and possibly applying sealants or getting a tooth filling soon.

Please visit our blog for more information on oral health and taking care of child’s teeth. If you need to have a dental concern treated or schedule a professional teeth cleaning with a trusted dentist for children, call us now and schedule an appointment here at Northwest Family Dental.