Dental filling is a common medical procedure that everyone, even those with the healthiest set of teeth, can encounter. In fact, it is one of our most popular dental services here at Northwest Family Dental. Unfortunately, despite its popularity we still hear stories of clients accidentally doing something that could damage or cause pain to their new filling.

If you are about to undergo a dental filling, here are some practical tips to remember after the procedure.

  • Be careful which side of your mouth you use for chewing, especially on the first day. Try not to put too much pressure on your new filling by biting rigorously or all the way through.
  • Avoid very hot and cold food and drink. Expect sensitivity on your teeth and nerves so it’s better to refrain from hot coffee, soup, ice cubes, and the likes. Extreme temperatures can also disrupt the bond of the fillings.
  • Steer clear from sweets, i.e. candy, pastries, and soft drinks, as their high sugar content can promote bacterial growth fast. Sticky or gummy food can also dislodge a new filling, while hard candy can chip your tooth.
  • Refrain from grinding or clenching your teeth. These are bad habits that can cause chips and cracks in your filling. Nail biting is also highly discouraged.
  • Ask your dentist how long will it take for your filling to set. Dental fillings vary and your family dentist should be able to tell you its general time frame to prevent any damage. It is also important to tell them if you are experiencing extreme sensitivity, pain, or discomfort even after a couple of days.

Please visit our blog for more information on dental filling and other procedures on oral health. If you need to have a dental concern treated right away or schedule a professional teeth cleaning, call us now and schedule an appointment in Lake Worth for Northwest Family Dental.