Complete Dentures

Having dentures made by Northwest Family Dental can quickly give you a full set of wonderful new teeth to restore your smile, or give you a brand new look. We offer several types of denture options available, however, the most common procedure we perform is a full set.

Our Dentures

If you are in a situation where you need your entire set of teeth replaced, Northwest Family Dental is prepared to give you a comprehensive exam, and new set of custom- made teeth. Whether your need for dentures stems from disease, genetic issues, or even malnutrition, our dentures will provide you the opportunity for a beautiful new smile. In addition to cosmetic improvements, dentures can also improve your ability to chew, support your natural facial structure, and improve your overall speech.

Why Northwest Family Dental?

Our staff has helped many patients who believed that their mouth was beyond repair, allowing them to move forward with beautiful, new smiles. We eagerly await to serve you, and are prepared to give you the specialized care needed to return your smile to a healthy and natural look. Please feel free to ask us any questions regarding your denture or dental care needs. Northwest Family Dental proudly serves the Lake Worth, Fort Worth Texas area.