Partial Dentures

If you are suffering from several missing teeth, Northwest Family Dental has the perfect solution for you. A new partial set of high quality dentures can restore your smile. Our team is specialized in helping you regain the confidence you once had in your smile with a custom- made prosthetic. Each patient is carefully screened and given a full oral exam to determine the type of dentures and options best suited for you.

Partial Denture Services

In some cases, full denture sets may not be necessary. A partial can help patients with chewing by replacing broken or missing teeth. The procedure is performed by securing the new teeth to the remaining teeth with a custom fit, and removable partial. Just like any full denture set, partial dentures also come in a variety of qualities and warranties to meet your budget.

At Northwest Family Dental, our partial dentures services are fast, affordable, and personalized. We know that missing teeth can cause issues to arise, including other serious health problems, even if it is only one or two teeth missing. Our team is specially trained to provide you with the best dental and denture care available.

Why Northwest Family Dental?

Our team understands the pain and suffering that comes with missing teeth. We know that a partial set of teeth hurts both physically and also mentally. Our primary objective is to get you back to living with a healthy, natural looking smile. If you have questions regarding which denture type is right for you, our staff is always happy to answer any questions, and can schedule a professional consultation.