Professional Teeth Cleaning

At Northwest Family Dental, we know and understand that our teeth will develop build up both tarter and plaque overtime. For this reason, we offer extensive professional teeth cleaning in order to help you remove the unwanted tarter and plaque and to maintain good and healthy hygiene. In addition to hygiene, professional teeth cleanings can also promote overall confidence, general health, and the ability to live a quality life.

Since the cleaning experience is not always looked at as the most enjoyable and can cause individuals to be anxious. We will work with you to provide a calm, relaxing, and enjoyable professional teeth cleaning experience.

In addition to providing a positive experience, our professional teeth cleaning also reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes related to bacteria in the bloodstream.

Here at Northwest Family Dental we recommend the following for general routine dental care: professional cleaning examination, general dental visits & cleanings at least twice a year, brushing your teeth daily in between visits, and flossing daily to remove any unwanted particles of food between your teeth.


Why Northwest Family Dental?

The staff at Northwest Family Dental takes great pride and satisfaction on providing each and every patient with professional teeth cleaning. We are confident that after using our professional teeth cleaning service you and your family will be satisfied with the results and will never look for another dental team.

So please don’t hesitate and reach out to us today either via phone or the website contact form. One of our professional, friendly staff members is waiting to help you.

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