Pediatric Crowns

At Northwest Family Dental, we know and understand that kids can and may experience excessive tooth decay prior to receiving their permanent adult teeth. In the event of these circumstances, a simple dental filling may not be enough to protect your child from potential tooth fractures or even breaks.

Since every family circumstance is different, here at Northwest Family Dental we offer 5 different types of pediatric crowns for our young patients i.e. composite, stainless steel, polycarbonate, zirconia ceramic, and resin-veneered. Each of these pediatric crowns has various advantages and disadvantages, which determines the general suitability for the young patient.

However to make the best decision available make sure to talk to the dentist about the various factors that could affect your child like the durability, retentiveness, aesthetics, adaptability, allergenicity, placement time, and the overall cost to name few.

Why Northwest Family Dental?

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